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Post by: Ryan Gibbs on 15 Oct 2016 in National Diploma

People hire photographers for weddings, anniversaries, and other happy occasions. But rarely do you ever hear of people hiring photographers for a funeral. One Huffington Post writer thinks this tradition should be changed.'Life is not about only recording the best moments,' writes Australian photographer Katishe Haberfield. “Life is full of a range of experiences and emotions and if we focus only on the super sugary glossy ones, we miss the important part of being human.” Reasons To Hire a Funeral Photographer.

Post by: Victoria Gilmore on 8 Sep 2016 in General Manager

The poshest knees-up for the UK funeral industry is moving to central London. The Good Funeral Awards 2016 promises to be the biggest yet. We’ll be at the grand Porchester Hall in Bayswater for the lunch and ceremony on Thursday 8 September. Booking a room overnight won’t be necessary. The idea is that most people can afford to get into London for the day. And, as in Hollywood, different groups will be able to organise after-parties in neighbouring venues. Or stay on at Porchester Hall where the bar will be open for the evening.

Post by: Luis Elmers on 7 Sep 2016 in National Diploma

The Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament took place at the Casey Fairview Park Friday September 4 through Monday September 7, bringing out more than 150 pitchers to participate in the event. The horseshoe tournament coincided with the 28th annual Casey Illinois Popcorn Festival, so a lot was popping in Casey this past Labor Day Weekend (not just popcorn kernels). Through the years, the Casey Horseshoe Club has sponsored the tournament seven times (1992, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2010, and 2015), and this year Markwell Funeral Home donated...

Post by: Sam Cramer on 15 Sep 2016 in National Diploma

Celine Dion's husband preplanned his own funeralThere have been several celebrity deaths in 2016 already, from David Bowie to Alan Rickman to Glenn Frey of The Eagles. Singer Celine Dion experienced two tragedies in her family just days apart: the death of her brother Daniel Dion and her beloved husband of 21 years, Rene Angelil, both of which succumbed to cancer. Now news is coming out that Rene had planned his funeral ahead of time so he wouldn’t have to burden his wife with the planning process during an emotionally difficult time...