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Adam Smith

Lintense: the art of corporate success

Discover the success formula of modern businesses through the stories told by popular CEOs and compiled together by Adam Smith.

This book is useful for:

young entrepreneurs, business management experts & enthusiasts.

Learn how to:

Manage a company and get better understanding of every aspect involved in it, from hiring people to strategical planning and investment management.

Use the management techniques that will help you run your company efficiently.

Develop a marketing strategy to attract more potential customers.

Analyze your business efficiency with the methods used by leading experts.

Build your business brand to effectively connect with your target customers.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith was born in Boston, MA in 1985 to a family of an English teacher and car mechanic. Since his childhood, he’s been obsessed with reading books. He received the BA in Journalism in 1995 and had worked as a journalist in business magazines.

His professional background proved to be useful when he decided to write his first book about the world of modern business, “Lintense”.


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Lintense: your #1 business guide