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Reliable App for controlling your finances

Lintense is the #1 app for everything finance-related. Available worldwide on iOS and Android.







Easily track your expenses

Thanks to Lintense App, controlling your regular incomes, expenses, and transactions is now easier than ever before. Just add your credit card and you are ready to go!

How it works

  • Connect your credit cards/wallets

    Our app supports all major credit cards and cryptocurrency wallets, allowing you to control all kinds of finances.

  • Set your budgets & savings goals

    You can set up as many budgets you need for any kind of combination of accounts, categories or labels.

  • Record your debts

    Whenever you borrow or lend money, track the debt including the agreed payment due date.

Use easy-to-read graphs to track your finances

Our app has interactive, colorful, and easy-to-understand graphs that reflect all your recent incomes and spendings.

Efficient app for your finances with attractive ui

Lintense is not only 100% functional, but it also has a great looking interface. With its help, you can take full control of:

  • Bills
  • Budget
  • Debts

Watch a quick tutorial

This simple & short yet informative tutorial can help you better understand how Lintense App works and start managing your spendings right away!

Ranked #1 financial app by reputable reviewers

Lintense is one of the best and award-winning apps for your mobile. Try it now!

Built using the latest technologies

Our app was designed with flexibility and versatility in mind so that you could enjoy all its features on any modern device.

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