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Speaking to the world and people

Being a public speaker is a challenge and a major responsibility to convey the right message and have a lively conversation with the audience.

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Check our professional team of speakers and select which of them can be a perfect speaker for your event.

Dan Williams
Price Month
  • Motivation Lecturer
  • Success Expert
  • Leadership Speaker
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Elizabeth Smith
Price Month
  • Beauty Expert
  • Lifestyle Blogger
  • Bestselling Author
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Jack White
Price Month
  • Legal Analyst
  • Attorney
  • Professor of Law
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Mary Rogers
Price Month
  • Women’s Rights Advocate
  • Social Worker
  • Blogger and Columnist
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Conference with Tom Wilson

Tom is an expert in Innovative Technologies in Production Sphere. If you want to hear absolutely exclusive information, come to his conference!

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Our Speakers

Meet our most popular motivation speakers! Learn their profiles and decide whom you would like to hear!

Dan Anchor

After spending 12 at Harvard University, Dan has become one of the leading success experts.

Jina Anderson

Jina worked for several world-leading companies in Finance - now she works for you!

Derek Green

Derek is one of the most successful real estate agents in the Beverly Hills.

Jack White

Jack is a famous person both among students and lawyers. He shares his practical skills now.

Recent News

Read the latest news and useful tips posted regularly by our speakers and coaches in our blog.

The Power of Self-Belief

Do you believe in yourself? Or have you tried this “self-belief thing” in the past and failed spectacularly …

Two Extra Hours a Day!

Most people work for 6-9 hours, then chill out for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of time …

Accelerate To Activate

On a lonely day, sitting idle; have you ever got a feeling about yourself that you can do much better, attain much more …


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