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About Roger Henderson

Roger Henderson is connected to the people of our state and the challenges they face every day. He is working to break down the old partisan barriers of our society.

He has been innovative, persistent and put partisanship aside, bringing people together to get things done for our state. Mr. Henderson has focused on creating new jobs & improving economic opportunity for all our citizens.

Political Campaign

Mr. Henderson’s campaign is based on necessary improvements for economic, political, cultural, and social sectors.

Become a Volunteer

Feel free to become a volunteer of Roger Henderson’s team and help us implement governmental change directly and more efficiently.


Your donations help Roger Henderson achieve more for the welfare of our state. Consider donating today to improve your life.

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Political Programs

Roger Henderson and his political party have developed a variety of programs for our community. Below you can read more about our latest programs.

Party Members


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of Roger Henderson

If you want to directly influence the future of your country, join us today! We are always looking for talented and open-minded people.

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