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You can use our website’s electric car search to find the vehicle that meets your needs and purposes the best way.

Charging Point Map

Need to quickly find a charging point? With our map, it’s super easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

Cost Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings when switching from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric cars.

Range Calculator

This clever journey range calculator will show you just how far your electric car will take you without recharging.

Car Tax Calculator

Electric cars can provide significant tax savings. Use our car tax calculator to see how much you could save.


We provide extended warranty for electric vehicles and cars that PowerOne’s customers buy via our website.

Home Charging Tools

With every car that we sell, we also supply powerful home charging tools that make car charging easier.


You can always return an electric car if it is malfunctioning or requires additional maintenance.

A Few Words About Us

PowerOne is the leading provider of new and used electric vehicles in the USA. Established in 2010, our company keeps introducing people to new automotive technologies.

Our store has the largest selection of certified Electric Vehicles that can be purchased throughout the US. We have a selection of electric vehicles you will not find anywhere else, available at affordable prices.

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