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We develop comfortable room concepts for private and commercial use while focusing on the interior design of various properties.

We Create Coziness for Your Apartment

We see our goal in providing a quality interior design for clients throughout the USA. We can completely transform your apartment!

Interior Design Professionals

Ephemeral is a team of experienced interior designers and renovators providing a wide variety of related services to American homeowners.

A Few WordsAbout Us

Ephemeral is an internationally recognized and award-winning interior design firm with expertise in residential and commercial projects. Our designers can transform any interior into a true masterpiece.

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Services Overview


We provide all of the drywall and remodeling services that you need. Whether you need your drywall repaired or replaced, our company does it all and even more!

Acoustical Ceilings

Our acoustical ceilings, panels, and tiles provide both aesthetically-pleasing options and quality sound control for any interior job to guarantee great comfort.

Painting & Wall Covering

Our team offers high-quality wall covering & painting services that can help your interior look better than ever before. We use only the best materials for it.

Windows & Blinds

Need reliable windows or blinds for your home? Ephemeral is always ready to provide you with the best interior solutions including blinds & windows installation.

Glass Partitions & Doors

Glass partitions and doors balance visual openness and physical privacy in modern architectural design. Our team can easily help you choose and install them.

Bathroom Equipment

If your bathroom requires new equipment installation such as a bathtub or a shower, feel free to hire us! We can get it done without any delays and extra charges.

Our Process

Every project we work on undergoes three different stages that
make the eventual interior look and feel as designed.

Free Consultation

Client Consultation

During the first phase, the client's needs and objectives are identified and discussed.

Design Development

After final approval of the design, the designer develops the project in greater detail.

Construction Administration

This is the final stage controlled by designer where things are built and installed.

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Let us reimagine your home interior completely to create an amazing environment for you and your family.

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