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Benjamin Cole


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Benjamin enjoys being a “flame keeper”, coaching the best flavors and aromas from these organic and mystical seeds from faraway places. He founded Beans in 2002, when he discovered that no local coffee shop had a proper drinks assortment at that time.

Benjamin’s career began with Austin Chase Coffee in Gig Harbor, WA and he quickly progressed from barista to trainer, to wholesale to new store start-up. Since exhibiting at first coffee festival in 1992, he has worn many hats as part of the industry over the years.

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Benjamin’s Blog Posts

Boutique Cafe in Seoul

All coffee enthusiasts know that the ideal way to explore a new city is through its coffee shops, so naturally my week in Seoul, South Korea, was spent sipping my way through its small but swiftly expanding specialty coffee community.

10 Best Coffee Types in the World

The world’s finest arabica coffees are listed by country in no particular order since the biggest factor is personal preference. For example, some people might prefer the winey and fruity acidity of a Kenyan coffee over the classic balance of a Colombian coffee.

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