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Our party works on a variety of reforms and projects for our community. Below you can read about what we are planning to do in the next few years.

Arts & Culture

Our party wants to improve the state of culture and arts in our country to give artists more creative freedom.

Housing & land

The market of real estate & housing has been rapidly developing and we believe it needs better regulation.

Policing & crime

To enhance the crime-fighting in the US, our party has recently introduced new policing initiative.


Our Environment Program provides policy and guidance to help maintain compliance with environmental laws.


Education has always been one of the greatest concerns for us because it’s often left behind by other parties.


Our team is trying to improve the attitude towards political volunteering who try to change our country for the better.

Medical Reform

Changes to the medical reform imply better service at hospitals and private health centers for all US residents.

Social Reform

Due to the recent changes in our society, we have developed a social reform designed to help our citizens.

About Our Party

Since 1967, the Freedom Political Party has been the home to those who support political and economic progress.

We see our goal in introducing new reforms and changing Americans’ life for the better. We are the team of seasoned political professionals who work for the good of American citizens. Our party aims to improve economic and social opportunities for all US residents.

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