Our company was founded 35 years with the main goal of creating weather-resistant and reliable buildings for all needs.

ArchiTex was founded
by Peter Anderson

More than thirty years ago, Peter Anderson founded ArchiTex, a company based on the core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment.

Our company introduces
ecological building solutions

In 1999, our managers and engineers succeeded in their developing “Green Buildings” that have a minimized impact on environment.

ArchiTex begins to work
with companies overseas

In order to promote our services to European and Eurasian customers, we offered our non-American customers better conditions for cooperation.

We celebrate 35 years
with a new project

Just before our company’s 35th anniversary we finished the realization of our most ambitious project - California Entertainment Center.


At ArchiTex, you can experience a variety of high-quality construction services provided by skilled professionals.

General Contracting

We have a long list of professional contractors, with whom our engineers and architects enjoy to work on a majority of our projects!

Building Information Modeling

We can represent physical and functional essence of any construction project digitally, in a 3D model format, regardless of its complexity.


Our specialization allows us to design & build any type of project and that’s why we are considered the best on the construction market.

Construction Services

ArchiTex provides high-quality construction services to the energy, water and telecommunications markets.

Pre-construction Services

We take our time on initial planning before any construction begins, to balance all the financial and efficiency issues beforehand.

Construction Management

Professional construction project management is essential for facilitating and directing the entire process to achieve ideal results.

Meet The Team People behind our success

Paul Eddington

Paul is a civil and environmental engineer with consulting engineering and construction management experience.

David Zhenwer
Senior Supervisor

David is responsible for field supervision, quality, client services and the safety of all personnel working on our projects.

Roy Johnson
Building Contractor

Mr. Johnson oversees the construction of individual houses and multi-unit housing projects carried out by ArchiTex.

John Doe
Brick and Stone Mason

John specializes in building and repairing brick and stone structures that play a vital role in construction of every building.