Why Your Clients Should Get a Website and How to Persuade Them to Order One from You

People grow to love their websites. They can also be resistant to change. When it comes to convincing someone that their website is in need of some serious updating, the combination of these two attributes can mean your advice goes unheeded. In this guide, we’ll look at a few techniques you can use to persuade clients that the time is right for an update.

Showcasing websites of your clients’ competitors is an excellent way to attract the attention of your customers to the reason of having a website. If you can show a client what their competitors are doing with their sites, and most importantly why what those competitors are doing is better than their site, the client is far more likely to listen to what you’re telling them. Now obviously you can’t conclusively prove that a new site is going to be better than an existing site until it is set up and running, but there are other ways to get the data you need to convince a client their current website has had its day.

Websites are created to achieve a specific goal. Whatever that goal is, it’s a huge motivating factor for your clients.

The first is to run usability tests on the existing site. In an ideal world, you’d opt for usability labs testing, but if budget is a worry then guerrilla testing is an acceptable alternative. Your objective should be to gather data from real potential customers and if the site really does need a redesign, then you should expect that to be reflected in the results. Though these are only some of the tips we recommend you to use when convincing your clients to buy a website, we will be glad to share more of them in our next posts.

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3 days ago

Thank you for this amazing article! I have never been into the world of design and development, but as I am a manager at the international IT company, this article certainly gives more clarity about what my fellow colleagues do and how hard convincing their clients can get.

1 day ago

Yeah, this is a true issue for developers just as for designers. I hope this post can give a better understanding of project discussion process not only to designers but also to their clients.

2 days ago

I am a regular reader of your blog and your long-time client. It’s glad to know that someone can define the difficulties of discussing design with a client as it makes the process easier for both clients and designers. I hope to read more on this topic in your future articles.