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Kate & James had their Tunnels Beaches Wedding back in September last year. If you have ever been there, you know that Tunnels Beaches is an amazing, hidden, coast side wedding venue in Devon.

It truly is a unique wedding venue and I was really looking forward to shooting their wedding. It’s the kind of venue where having the ceremony and reception outside is just a dream. Luckily, back at the end of September there was a small heat wave in the UK and the weather was just perfect. As the ceremony finished, the sun started to dip to make the most incredible backdrop to this particular Tunnels Beaches wedding.

This wedding was:

Incredibly awesome! I’m sure Kate & James had an unforgettable wedding experience at Tunnels Beaches. I hope my photos are a great addition to their impressions.

All throughout the day I couldn’t help thinking that this was such a colourful venue and I think the images demonstrate that.

Kate and James really had a fairytale wedding there and coupled with great weather was a very powerful set of speeches. As the sun dropped over the horizon I left the wedding and headed back to the hotel where I stopped.

I think you’ll agree that their Tunnels Beaches Wedding really was spectacular and I’m lucky to have another few weddings booked there next summer which I’m very much looking forward to photographing.

If I could go back and re-live any day of 2016, it would be difficult to pick any other day than this one! One warm day in May, with Kate & James will definitely be my #1 memory of the previous year.

This wedding was so relaxed and informal with everyone having so much fun. I know that’s what James and Kate were hoping for and in every sense, the day simply couldn’t have gone any better. It was clear to see that newlyweds are surrounded by some wonderful people and for me, it’s that that really made the day extra special. So much fun, laughter and good times!! It was so brilliant to be a part of it all!

I recommend this venue to all couples who are searching for a spectacular yet quiet place to celebrate their wedding. And you can be sure that high quality photography services will follow!



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3 day ago

Thanks you for such an interesting article! Tunnels Beaches has been my favorite place in Devon ever since I got married. It has an incredible atmosphere and in summer it is always warm there, even when it’s hot in other corners of the UK. The photos you took are amazing. I have always been delighted by your photography skills, and now I’m also glad that you discovered this venue just like I did 5 years ago. I hope to hear more about your wedding photography experience in your future articles!


1 days ago

You’re absolutely right! Susan is my #1 wedding photographer and when I’m organizing a new wedding her phone number is the one I have on speed dial. I have never been to Tunnels Beaches before but I certainly will visit this place in the nearest future.


6 days ago

Tunnels Beaches is not only a great wedding venue perfect for all newlyweds, it also has a wide variety of additional options to offer both couples and their guests.They vary from food and drink to accommodation and are offered at very affordable prices. This surprised me in the first place when I got there and took part in the wedding ceremony as a guest. Hand carved tunnel and cliffs make it a spectacular place to celebrate your wedding, and I’m really glad you described it in your blog post.