A Few Words About Us

Cruise Travel is the world’s first inspirational travel search service that focuses on what’s really important: your Interests and your Budget!

How practical is an amazing weekend break for skiing if what you really look forward is relaxing on a sandy beach? Cruise Travel offers an innovative and useful online experience, so you can find your perfect destination in just a couple of clicks without paying any extra charges!

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our advantages

Our cruises provide a variety of advantages to all customers, both new and regular. If you are looking for guarantees of high quality cruise services delivered by an experienced company, look no further!

all-year cruises
Most of our cruises are available for order all year round, and some of them may be discounted during off-season. You can find out more about such cruises just by browsing our website.
a variety of locations
We offer different locations in all our cruises, so you can always select any preferred continent, country or city to visit using our cruise ships. From Africa to Asia, there is always a place to visit.
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our team

our history

Cruise Travel was created in 2005 with a vision to set a completely new standard in luxury travel and world exploration. We have been delivering innovative high quality cruise services since the first day.

Building the team of professional, dedicated, and skillful employees

Our genuine, welcoming and friendly service became possible thanks to our team who is the synonym of expertise when to comes to sophistication, quality, and dedication to our guests.

New cruise ships for our guests

Besides 10 standard cruise ships that we have bought our British partners, we have also obtained 2 top-rated luxury ships in the world, which are extremely popular among our VIP guests.

Improving our customer service

Cruise Travel continues to define the luxury travel experience. Beyond our beautifully designed ships, we continue to create enriching onboard programs that tap the curiosities and passions of world travelers.

our gallery

Cruise Travel has been numerously recognized as No. 1 cruise provider because we offer a wide variety of cruises and related services, some of which are listed below.

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