How to Make Great Wedding Photos:
an Essential Guide (Part 1)

March 15, 2016

So much of your wedding day will be fleeting -- the cake, the flowers, the music -- but the photographs will live on forever. You owe it to yourself (and your grandchildren!) to do everything you can to make them fabulous. Here's how to not only find your perfect photographer, but how to work with them. We hope these tips can make your wedding photosession look and feel the best possible way.

About a year before your wedding date, start your search by asking recent couples you know for recs and browsing websites and blogs.

Look at a few highlight galleries of weddings from each photographer to get a sense of their quality and style. But realize that these are their best clips from multiple weddings, so once you like someone, ask to see a full wedding or two. It will give the full impression of what the exact photographer can do.

As you review photos, consider key moments you want to capture at your own wedding.

You can't always properly vet a photographer by looks alone. Once you have a short list of people whose work you like, try to set up an in-person or video-chat meeting. You should feel comfortable with this person because they'll be shadowing your every move on your wedding day and interacting with all of your guests.

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I’m glad I found these wedding photography tips on your website. I have already said in one of your latest posts that your articles open the world of photography to beginner photographers, models, and just ordinary people. This post is no exception. Though I knew some of the tips described here, it has been a surprise to read about some techniques, which I haven’t used before as a professional wedding photographer


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