Most professional artists have learned and/or developed trade secrets and techniques through schooling, labor, hard knocks and lots of personal expense. It is what makes their work their own. Asking an artist exactly how he/she created his/her art is much like walking up to a magician after the show and asking him to expose his illusions.

Always copyright your work. Whether working for/with a company, agent, associate or friend always get all agreements in writing. Try to get as much exposure as you can to new materials and techniques through your school, workplace, the Net, books, and DVDs. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, choose an area of focus and explore that avenue.

At any given time, my sculptures may be located in various different galleries, exhibitions, in my studio, in my Etsy store or on eBay. The availability status of my artwork can change frequently. For information about currently available sculptures or to discuss a potential commission, please email specifics to

My work currently resides in collections around the world. My business partner arranges all shipping and packaging, if you have a specific inquiry about delivery time or expense please use the above contact form. She is an excellent sculpture packer, whose abilities far exceed my own. Chances are if you can finance it, she can transfer it.

I have a waiting list for custom work and will be happy to add your name. Please be advised however, the wait is generally long, and being on it is not a 100 percent guarantee you will get a sculpture. For that reason, no deposit is required. I tend to give priority to larger more ambitious projects and those that are most consistent with my vision and interests.