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Making a video requires a lot of work that the viewers don't see. But the greater the idea, the more work it requires. In this article I will tell you what is hidden behind the camera and the TV screen.

Video production is usually a team effort. Think about all the roles that are necessary for a good film. You have your director, producer, the screenwriter, editor, music supervisor, so on and so forth. In order to make a great creative video it’s essential for both efficiency and latency that everyone on this team is on the same page. This can turn the video production process into more of a conversation, where everyone can share their feedback.

You should remember that:

Editing is just as important as filming when it comes to your creative video. Sometimes when I’m watching a film I’ll notice it has great cinematography, but the editing is totally lacking.

Part of building that confidence and exploring new shots on your camera comes at a risk. The greatest video producers of all time did not get where they are today by playing it safe. Especially when it comes to creativity, risks grant you greater opportunities. It forces you to be more creative and confident and it certainly helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and you’ll be surprised how much more easily the ideas will come to you. Risks of course, do come with inevitable failure every once in a while, but learning how to deal with these experiences only makes you smarter and more prepared for the next time.

If you believe in yourself and have faith in your team and your own abilities, confidence will come quite naturally. Your own confidence is one of the greatest resources and secrets of the trade.

Too often do people let the fear of what others will think about their video burden their creativity. Creativity doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it is something that can be developed. Check out Vimeo’s inspiration and creativity album to build some of your own ideas. The first step to building confidence with your own ideas is learning to trust your own instincts, the more creative videos you watch the easier this creative process will be.

Of course, there are a lot more secrets to successful and creative video making. I am going to share them with you next time. Now that you know some of the secrets from the pros, share your own secrets with me.


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3 day ago

Thank you for such an interesting article! I have been involved in the filmmaking industry for over 10 years and I can confirm that every tip written in this post can be applied to the professional life of cinematographer, videographer or director. I also think that high-quality equipment plays a huge role in the filmmaking process but sometimes friendly and qualified team makes the whole atmosphere better and the video gets more creative in the end due to this fact. This is one of my personal tips that I always follow.


1 days ago

You’re absolutely right! A creative and professional team is my No. 1 priority when I start producing a new movie, TV ad, or a music video. However, I believe Susan and Dave have something more to share with us about video production in the next posts.


6 days ago

To my mind, professionalism plays a leading role in any video production cycle. What’s more important, the team itself should be aimed at creating the great movie while applying their full creative potential. It adds a lot to the final result because it is exactly what the viewer sees on the TV or at the cinema. I think your blog posts can provide some professional guidance to beginners in the industry and as for me, I am looking forward to your series of posts describing tricky cases of shooting in tough conditions.