The biggest trick to finding the best skin care products on the market at any given moment is to do your research and determine which companies fall into this second category.

There are hundreds of skin care products on the market right now and they are being produced by a growing number of manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are mainly concerned with taking advantage of the hottest ingredients to make a bigger profit. Others are excited by ongoing research that takes us closer by the day to find a real life “fountain of youth” of some sort.

Put it this way. You could purchase a night cream from two different companies, each with the same popular ingredient splashed across the bright, shiny packaging in an attractive manner. One is made from a company that just wants to make a nice profit come to the end of the year, so their cream includes some of this popular ingredient but not enough to actually deliver the results you are expecting.
Don’t buy such a product.

Explore the most popular ingredients

On the other hand, the second cream is a bit higher in price but includes a higher concentration of this popular ingredient. The manufacturer of this cream has been following the scientific research and knows how much is needed to really bring healthy results to your skin, not just how much they can afford to put in that bottle to remain competitively priced.
Which of these night creams do you really want to use?

Products that are made for maximum benefits rather than profit include only ingredients that are proven to really benefit the skin. Products that are made as cheap as possible tend to include a lot of fillers which either have no effect at all or can actually do more harm than good with regular use.

So, the easiest way to find the best skin care products on the market is to do some research into the manufacturers behind each brand. When a new ingredient appears on Oprah and everyone is clamoring to include it in their next “updated” version, look for the brands that have been using that ingredient for months if not years before it became so popular.
Chances are, those will be the manufacturers bringing the absolute best skin care products to the market.

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