Helen Wallace

Program Director, Psychologist

Helen Wallace is the Program Director at our clinic and a licensed clinical psychologist. She provides individual and group mindfulness training for our every client and she is always ready to answer your questions.

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Individual Training
Group Training

Helen's Projects

Anxiety Therapy

Our anxiety therapists are ready to work with you to identify the core causes at the root of a struggle with anxiety disorder.

Family Therapy

Family counseling is designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family.

Depression Therapy

Depression is a mental illness, which should be treated immediately and not to be confused with the short emotional distress.

Child Therapy

Although psychological approaches for children and adolescents vary widely, they focus on how problematic thoughts work.


We’ve had a lot of financial troubles over the years; loss of physical health, job and bankruptcy. Terra’s coaching gave us hope and a new sense of vision so we can create our lives together.

Harry Wilson

Father of two

I went to Terra because of my shyness and social anxiety. My sessions were useful as I could talk about things that I couldn’t discuss with family, friends or almost anyone.

Pamela Stevens

Freelance designer

At first, I was a little hesitant to meet with a psychologist because of negative past experiences, but intelligence and compassion of your therapists made me trust them without hesitation.

Jonathan Guerrero