Our Female Models

Emma Ross

Female from US

Emma Ross is an award-winning American model and actress best known for her photoshoots for Dior, D&G, Dove and other companies

Maria Patterson

Female from US

Maria Patterson started her career at ModelAgency as a teen model 10 years ago. Today she is often hired as a commercial model.

Jenna Flores

Female from US

This 20-year-old blonde joined us 2 years ago as a trainee at our model school. She has been numerously hired for fashion photoshoots.

Mary Russell

Female from US

Mary is a young and promising model who strives for showing her best skills in posing. She likes to be hired as a model for catwalk.

Sofia Griffin

Female from US

One of our latest newcomers, Sofia Griffin made her way to modeling business after being a successful theatre actress.

Isabel Edwards

Female from US

Isabel has been working with us since 2011. She is exceptionally good at shooting for films and TV ads. Her hobby is fitness.

Amelia Gray

Female from US

Amelia Gray is a former TV anchor who used to pose for photoshoots as a hobby. Everything changed in 2010, when she joined us.

Melissa Thompson

Female from US

With great experience in acting, Melissa became our model just 2 years ago. Her skills in posing for lifestyle photos are absolutely brilliant!

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