Energy-Saving Tips
for Home Appliances

October 14, 2016

When looking for energy efficient appliances for your home, you need to look out for the energy ratings label on appliances and consider the size of the appliance that you require.

Energy ratings are generally given to products based on their size category. This means that two differently sized appliances with the same energy rating may use quite different amounts of electricity.

For instance, an A rated 180-litre fridge freezer could cost only £39 a year to run, whereas a larger 525-litre fridge freezer with a better A+ rating could cost £52 a year to run. It is best to check energy labels on products and look for the product with the best energy rating for the size you require.

There is a lot of ways to save energy without plugging out your appliances.

How can you reduce your energy consumption? Take control of your electric appliances, manage the cost of using electrical appliances in your home. Avoid leaving appliances on standby. On average UK households spend £30 a year powering appliances left in standby mode.

This is the energy used by certain appliances when not in use and not switched off at the plug. Switch it off.

As well as standby power, other new additions to the average household’s collection of electrical goods use low levels of electricity when not in use. These are not items that we tend to think to turn off, but can gradually go on to consume a great deal of electricity over the year.

Fortunately there are a number of products available to help cut down your standby electricity consumption, such as standby savers that allow you to turn all your appliances off standby in one go. Some come with timers and others come with a single off-switch. Recent regulations specify that all electrical products sold within the EU after 2010 cannot have a standby power greater than 1W. Whilst the average standby consumption of new products is going down.

Items which have the image of a wheelie bin with a cross on them should not be disposed of using the general household rubbish collection. These items include everything from large white goods to energy saving light-bulbs. By keeping waste electrical equipment separate from other waste, the hazardous substances can be removed and other parts can be recycled rather than sent to landfill.

Electrical items should be disposed of carefully due to the nature of their materials.

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