Fighting to Reduce
Your Tax

As an experienced team of accountants led by Virginia Anderson, we can offer you a perfect strategy of managing your tax spendings without complexities.


Tax Preparation

We offer professional, qualified, friendly and accurate tax preparation services for small businesses located in any state of the US.

Audit Check Procedures

We are ready to complete the audit of a small business in an organized manner by mapping audit objectives onto management assertions.

Payroll Processing

The decision to use a payroll processing expert like Virginia Anderson should make your in-house payroll activities go easier, quicker, and more secure.

Payroll Management

This service includes administration of the financial record of your employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

Accounting Outsourcing

Our professional team can offer performance of accounting and tax accounting on the basis of primary documents provided by the Client or prepared by EBS.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance is an ongoing process, and small businesses need to make sure that they're following the rules set in place.

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A Few Words
About Virginia Anderson

Virginia Anderson is a certified and experienced CPA for private entrepreneurs and small businesses. Together with her team, she helps businessmen and entrepreneurs like you all over the US navigate taxes and set up bookkeeping systems so they can get back to the part of business they prefer.

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