The Corps of Cadets

Strength & character are only the beginning

Military School provides young boys with an exemplary, academic platform that acknowledges the differences regarding how each individual learns while also eliminating distractions. Under the military model, cadets at Military School develop a sense of self-confidence.

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A bright future for your son is ahead!

At Military School, it is our goal to develop our students’ personal skills to the fullest capacity. These skills include a student’s level of respect towards authorities & peers, as well as their acknowledgement & ability to follow rules.

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Looking forward with confidence!

While attending our School, cadets become a part of a brotherhood that encourages spiritual practice and respect amongst peers. Our staff and faculty are fully committed to the success of each cadet, together forming what is the solid bond of the Military School’s family.

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We prepare boys for life and beyond!

The average class size at Military School is ~ 8 to 1, allowing students the one-on-one attention and tailored learning they deserve. 92% of Military School graduates will go on to attend higher education.

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History of Military School

We invite you to look at the extraordinary cadets and experiences that weave together the stories that became the history of our Military School.


Below are some recent school testimonials

I’m glad that I attend Military School

This school has saved my life and opened doors that I might never have had opened for myself.

by James Wilson

Military School helped me

If you need a structured environment to help you grow, I highly recommend Military School.

by Jack Waters

I’ve recently enrolled at Military School

This Military School provides training about life that is not available in public schools.

by John thompson

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Focus on leadership

At Military School, it is our goal to develop our students’ personal skills.

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