What's a Hardscape, You Ask? Here's an Overview

"Hardscape" is a term that refers to all of the inanimate elements of landscaping. This can be especially applied to any masonry work or woodwork. Hardscaping is one of the two major subcategories of landscaping, the other being softscaping. If you've guessed the meaning of the second one by a contrast, than you know what we're talking about now!

10 Expertly-Crafted Paint Schemes For Your Home Exterior

It's really a frustrating experience to choose your just the right paint color for your exterior walls. After all, this is a hue that you will have to live with for many, many years on... Judging from our experience, choosing tried-and-tested exterior paint color schemes, rather than picking some unorthodox one is the way to go. Following is a photo gallery of ideas you...

Feng Shui Tips for Choosing House Exterior Color

Typically and as opposed to the interior walls, painting exterior walls of the house usually requires you to choose some more conventional colors. However, sometimes even a small color change and a retraction from an established color type can make a big difference - let alone the fact that any change in your house's look is a refreshing one! The feng shui...

Exterior Paint: Satin or Flat Finish?

While painting your house exterior there a re a lot of questions that you'll need to address. One of those is: which sheen should you use--flat or a satin finish? Due to a fact that exterior walls of a house suffer a lot of damage, such as the one done regularly by rain, snow, UV rays, and physical impact--this question is even more important than if you might think

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The team at Quoteo has been providing some top-notch exterior solutions for both commercial and residential clients, with its history spanning over 12 years.

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