Cloth ironing

Our Ironing Services

Ironing is essential in ensuring perfect presentation when you attend important social events.

But it can be a boring and distracting chore that may take up a significant amount of time. At CleanLead, we offer a professional clothes ironing service for Chicago clients who have neither the time nor the motivation to iron clothes themselves. From shirts and pants through to jumpers, dresses and more.

We can provide the professional iron that your garments need to ensure they look impeccable which will help you feel your best.

Our specialists work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and ensure that our dress, suit and shirt ironing service is personalised so that they are satisfied with the results.

After clothes have been ironed, we can also fold them on request. For maximum convenience, we offer a pickup and delivery service with flexible times to accommodate your schedule.

Steam ironing

Today’s day and age garment trends have changed quite a bit and so does the requirement to maintain them to ensure durability.

Unlike coal/electric ironing prevalent in the market, steam ironing using vacuum press tables with temperature control iron boxes that ensure the process is modified to suit the type of garment being processed.

This process is similar to the finishing process at garment factories and ensures maximum life for your favorite garments.

Free door step service

Fast paced lifestyle in today’s cities means that leisure time is available at a premium. The pickup and delivery process at CleanLead means the same and ensures that we are available on your call and clothes get processed and delivered in predictable timings.

The doorstep service executives are available for pick up instantly at your convenience and ensure clothes are ironed and delivered to you on guaranteed turnaround times.

App based tracking

Keeping track of your order and updating feedback to us has never been easier. Customers can either call in to a 12-hour helpline number or just use the Purple App to interact with us – booking orders, tracking status, updating service feedback and keeping track of payments,etc.

CleanLead provides all basic service features for the first time in Ironing service industry which was previously unheard of for such a basic daily requirement.

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