Tips from established actors

I believe you got to know a wide variety of some of the hardest-working actors in theater, TV, and film industry this year. Whether they were reflecting on how a recent project stretched their acting muscles or relaying the advice they wish they'd been given when starting out, the following outstanding performers drew from their...

What you Shouldn’t Learn From Movies

Movies are great for a lot of things – entertainment, inspiration, and even just to get a warm and fuzzy feeling from a G-rated family flick. With that said, if you’re trying to develop skills from your film viewing, it might be a good idea to try and be a little critical of what you see. There are an infinite number of great examples of what NOT to do in...

Acting in romantic comedies

Romantic comedies require a bit more of transformation than other cinematography genres. Such movies are all about emotions and it is extremely important to make viewers believe that they see and experience a truly emotional movie and not just acting according to the script and director. Here’s some advice on acting in...

an Actor’s Guide to Part-Time Work

The reality of being an actor means it’s wise to have a part-time job—or several—lined up. A part-time, flexible, or seasonal job outside of the acting industry can help actors make smart decisions about their careers. Here are tips every London-based actor should keep in mind! First, you should realize that having a job aside from acting...


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