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About Our Pub

An Irish spirit in a Kentucky town

When our pub's founder, Jimmie O'Murray has moved from his home city of Belfast to the Western Kentucky, US he had just one dream: to continue his father's brewing business in the US...

He eventually succeeded in that, founding a brewery and a craft beer pub in a small town of Stanford...

The main idea that he laid down and which he tries to follow himself is to make as many craft beers/styles as possible, with as many different flavors to them as possible....


Our beers are brewed with all-natural ingredients and are safe to drink.

We love beer and sports as well as great food and snacks! Beer Pub brings all things that we love together under one roof and lets you enjoy the unique atmosphere of a real American beer pub. With 35 taps we have plenty of different beers for you to try, over 20 TVs so you never miss a game, and housemade pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and apps with lots of other snacks to fuel you. With all this, you can be sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes of true beer fans.

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Opening Hours
  • Mo-Fr 11:00-00:00
  • Sa-Su 15:00-00:00

Meet our Pub's Crew!

Our team consists of many people, all of whom do their part in contributing to our pub's success!
So whether those are the guys at our brewery making the craft beer or the Chef, cooking
all the snacks back in the kitchen, the team is all about making each
single feature of our pub stand out!

Our Visitors

While our beer is good beyond praise, some of our clients still want to
say a lot of nice things about it:

Jack Black
Regular Client

In all of my experience of looking for the best craft beers, I've never met such a variety of those before...

will Blade
Regular Client

I always thought that I knew absolutely all of the Kentucky's best craft beers... But that was before I've paid a visit here...

John long
Regular Client

Whenever off work, I pass by this place just to purchase their incredible
craft beers!..


Kinds of beer


Years of Experience




Team members

Opening Hours

  • Mo-Fr 11:00-00:00
  • Sa-Su 15:00-00:00