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A few words about us

Simon Fletcher Co is a multi award winning design firm that isn’t afraid to be both artful yet sustainable. We look to cross mediums and challenge viewers for the garden they truly desire.

Simon Fletcher Co is a landscape design firm that works with interior & exterior landscape design and installation. They are dedicated to providing a high standard of landscape design and professional services, from conceptual designs and working drawings, to project management and installation. The team at Simon Fletcher Co prides themselves in being a recognized leader in their field of landscape designers Surrey to Vancouver, providing creative solutions for passionate outdoor living! Every effort is taken to exceed their clients’ expectations.

We pride ourselves in being a highly recognized leader in the field of landscape design, providing creative solutions for passionate outdoor living.Every effort is taken to exceed our clients’ expectations, ensuring your finished project is an extension of you and your idealized environment.

Simon Fletcher(owner)

Company history


In 1995 Simon Fletcher founded landscape firm with a vision for using design to help clients creating places that enrich people’s lives.

Simon Fletcher had written a document on how to grow a successful practice for a large architect-engineer firm. Referred to as his blueprint for a successful design firm, Simon’s document includes thoughts on the importance of obtaining business from large clients who have work to perform in several parts of the world as well as the benefit of developing specialty areas of design practice.


The firm wins its first major university commission: the planning and design of a new campus for Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.


Winner of the 2005 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in landscape architecture, Simon has forged a design language.

Simon’s bold style and eye for detail results in stunning individual gardens that respond brilliantly to site and brief. He approaches each project with a sound understanding of design principles and a strong conviction for quality workmanship. Simon’s work has been featured in media and publications around the globe. He is a regular contributor to various architectural reviews.

In 2010 Simon was awarded the prestigious Allan Correy award for Design Excellence and in 2011 the Abode Garden of the Year. Simon Fletcher Co prepares landscape design concepts for design focused homeowners and business throughout Los Angeles. Today, Simon Fletcher Co offer a complete service including Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Landscape Garden Maintenance and many more design related services.


What our clients say

Your creative design reinvigorated our garden and made the entire garden flow.The staff was very professional and worked with us to get the garden we wanted. We are very pleased with the results.

Harry Johnson(manager)

Wow, I’m so happy with your service. I would just like to say thank you for your prompt and effective service, for your friendly and professional support staff!I will recommend your expert company to all my friends.

Lisa Richardson(lawyer)


2015 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

‘Food Forest’

Silver Medal & the Honda Sustainability Award

2014 Australian Garden Show Sydney

‘My Island Home’

People’s Choice Award

2014 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

‘Here and Now’

Silver Medal & the Honda Sustainability Award

2013 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show


Bronze Medal Winner


Some of your questions
What does a landscape design cost?

You purchase a landscape designer’s expert consultation time, and, typically, your project’s design plan. Landscape designers bill for their services in various ways. Design is ordinarily billed on an hourly basis or as a flat fee. It is important that the homeowner and the landscape designer have an early discussion and agreement.

How do I choose a landscape designer?

Equally important is finding a designer whose style and personality are a good fit for your project. Landscape design is a collaborative process, so trust and confidence are vital to a successful designer/homeowner partnership.

How do I choose a landscape designer?

Equally important is finding a designer whose style and personality are a good fit for your project. Landscape design is a collaborative process, so trust and confidence are vital to a successful designer/homeowner partnership.

What about the budget for my landscape installation?

The most successful landscape projects start with a realistic budget. Don’t hesitate to share your budget with the landscape designer. The designer can help strike a balance between special materials and cost-conscious choices to create a beautiful space that meets your functional, aesthetic, and budget preferences before you ask contractors for bids.


What we expect


headquarters, Los Angeles

If you like to plan, have a knack for organization, or frequently find yourself doodling or drawing diagrams, then landscape design Manager might be your career calling. There are some Landscape Design Manager duties: generate proposals and work through bid processes with customers, develop and manage operating budget, manage and modify training processes and materials, quality control and etc.

Project assistant

headquarters, Los Angeles

We need a responsible person to work in our office to organize and support landscape design projects. This position reports to top management and involves handling job order documents, coordinate schedules, maintain job spreadsheet and reports and assist in proposal preparation. Requires good computer skills and an ability to multitask in a busy environment.


headquarters, Los Angeles

Your creativity can thrive in a landscape Architect career, where organization and design skills are used to create exterior spaces using plant materials and hardscape elements. There are some Landscape Architect duties: prepare project estimates, design projects using CAD (computer-aided design) software - or draw them by hand, work with installation crews to achieve total customer satisfaction and etc.