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We are a team of dedicated coffee fans who celebrate exceptional coffee brands and roasters by providing our guests the unique opportunity to try coffee drinks of the highest quality.

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These reviews that our clients have recently submitted are the best way to learn more about our level of service and customer support.

Julia Parker

I love the coffee and atmosphere at your coffee shop. I attend a meeting there on most Monday mornings. When I arrive, I’m greeted with a smile and the Barista always takes the time to fix my coffee just as I want it. My favorite drink is the Carmel Mocha.

John Miller

I tried coffee here for the first time just the other day. The location may seem hidden but it is actually very easy to find Coffee Shop on the map. I ordered just a medium regular coffee and it was very good. The lady who poured the coffee was very friendly. I will definitely be back!

Katherine Smith

I visited Coffee Shop last week during the day with my laptop so that I could get some work of my own done and enjoy some coffee shop atmosphere. This place was perfect! The coffee was great, and the truffles were ridiculously good. I recommend this place to everybody.

facts about coffee

Coffee is the world's second most valuable traded commodity, only behind petroleum. Here are some interesting facts about this hot and tasty drink.

Aroma, taste and flavour

Coffee has a distinctive aroma, which is easily recognizable.

composition of coffee

Coffee contains many minerals and vitamins and no fat.

Physiological effects of aroma

Coffee is beneficial for your physiological condition.


If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible.

How do you make your drinks?
We put a lot of care into each of our drinks. We use coffee from elite brands, fresh local hormone free milk and many housemade syrups. We weigh out each of our ingredients, and use high quality equipment so that we have as much control over the finished product as possible.
What is the Coffee Shop loyalty program?
Our loyalty program is an exclusive Coffee Shop program that combines a Gift Card and Loyalty Card program all in one! Once you load a card, you can immediately use it as cash. When you register your Card, you start accumulating points on everything you buy – food, drink or merchandise.
Why are your wait times so long some days?
We make every possible effort to create and deliver each order to our awesome customers as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. However, sometimes our coffee shop has to handle an increased number of orders, and that’s why our clients wait a little bit longer.

Coffee Shop is a cosy place where friends meet to share coffee, cakes and light meals. At night, it is transformed into a vibey eatery.