How to Create a Really Trustworthy and Useful UI

What does trustworthiness and usefulness (or practicality) have to do with web design? Quite simply, the whole UI/UX world revolves around these two end-customer-centric terms... In a time when people hear about digital security hacks and breaches almost daily, designing and creating a user interface that users can trust is priceless... Long story short, establishing this kind of a trust will give you a hand in creating a solid foundation between you and the end-user, it can boost your sales and product loyalty.

10 Ways to Improve Design Color Contrast

Is your design project lacking that special flavor to stand-out? It's highly probable that the thing it's missing is enough color contrast. A color contrast provides a vital difference between elements, highlighting each one of those and making it look more individual, bright and unique, compared to other elements. Initially design contrast is produced in a number of ways, whilst using all different types of elements.

Micro Content and its Big Importance

The tiniest parts of a design project can be the biggest ones in overall importance. This is a fact which we all know conceptually, right? But just ask yourself, how often do you see yourself just filling in these details at the last minute? Do you underestimate the micro-content in your designs, because you are ready to be finished with a project?

What’s Flat 2.0 and Why Should You Care?

Just when all designers in the world were sure that they have figured out everything about the trendy flat design, things changed and professionals began talking about Flat 2.0. In case you never tested yourself by delving into designing a flat design project, now is the time to do it. Flat 2.0 is easier to understand and apply, just because it combines the best of flat design with additional user interface tweaks which all help you create a functional

Why the Duotone Color Is Such a Big Design Trend?

The next big web design image trend has arrived! Just to describe it in short, it's vibrant, colorful, and gorgeous! Thanks to its initial launch by Spotify, the duotone color's popularity spreads like a wildfire! This visual effect, which employs a duo (duh, obviously) of colors over a photo is striking, fun and resonates with both the professional designers and the end users. It’s also quite hip right now, with many new websites quickly adopting this change to a duotone format. There are few ways to make the most of this hot design craze. First, a little primer: Duotone is the use of just two colors (and all of their hues).