What does trustworthiness and usefulness (or practicality) have to do with web design? Quite simply, the whole UI/UX world revolves around these two end-customer-centric terms... In a time when people hear about digital security hacks and breaches almost daily, designing and creating a user interface that users can trust is priceless... Long story short, establishing this kind of a trust will give you a hand in creating a solid foundation between you and the end-user, it can boost your sales and product loyalty.

This kind of a holistic approach dictates a responsible sense of quality and success and sets the stage for a long-term and valuable user relationship. So how do you do it right ? Today, we have few things to tell you about, which you can do to create a UI that users can trust (with trustworthy examples, of course).

If a random user appeared on your website right now, would he be able to instantly, clearly see and understand what your User Interface is all about? Would the user intuitively know what actions to take and what's the end goal of your site really is? If the answer is yes, then your design already includes a normal level of clarity. If not, it’s time to simplify things a bit.

Website clarity is all about making your website's design to be easily identifiable in a way that is instant to be understood. Users should be able to immediately see and tell what the purpose of the site is... Is it a convey information, show a product, play a game type of thing, or something else, you know? It’s OK to employ some elements of suspense or surprise, but it must be balanced with ease of understanding what the user must do next (where to click, e.g.)...

While this may sound like an over simplified statement, it is one that sometimes gets lost in the process: Let your UI do what it says you are going to do. This applies to everything from announcing a launch date for an app, to managing an email list to shipping items on time. If you make a promise, you better make sure to keep it. You only have to break this trust one time to lose a user once and for all!

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Ann Morales December 14, 2016 at 6:22 pm

Eric, thanks a million. I love your holistic approach to a chaotic world of design!


Howard Wallace December 14, 2016 at 6:22 pm Ann Morales

You are absolutely right! I like how Eric explains complex design concepts in his blog.


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