About us

About us

short story about our farm

Our founders, Tom & Marta Johnsons, started with a 2.5-acre raspberry farm in 2003. Surrounded by the striking mountains of Carmel Valley, they decided they didn’t want to conquer this beautiful planet with chemicals and farm organically.

Since then, our founders have grown our 2.5 acres to almost 50,000. They have been the face of small organic, medium organic and as-big-as-it-gets organic—all with the goal of bringing more happiness to the world.


Food safety technology

  • we Evaluate every field before planting it to find out whether it requires special attention or not.
  • Our specialists test all water and irrigation systems regularly to make sure that our products are watered properly.
  • Rich Harvest also pays attention to all soil amendments and compost.
  • we test freshly harvested greens and Destroy any greens that don’t pass the test.


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