New Orientation Program for Fall 2016

The Offices of the National University, the College of Undergraduate Students, and of National University jointly announce that beginning in fall 2016, first‐year students will participate in a single, unified orientation program. All students will move in on Saturday, September 3, and spend the rest of that weekend enjoying a warm welcome to campus and their residential colleges.

Following this on‐campus orientation, all students will leave for small‐group, experiential learning trips, choosing from a myriad of options offered by the Outdoor Action and Community Action programs. Student‐led experiences will include, as always, hiking and camping in parks from Virginia to Vermont; working on sustainable organic farms along the same corridor; volunteering in community‐based organizations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and many more. We look forward to expanding the range of experiential learning opportunities as we continue to develop this aspect of our new orientation program.

These small‐group experiences allow students to form strong bonds among first‐years across residential colleges and with their student trip leaders across class years. Experiential learning encourages all students to engage University’s values – especially service to others and intellectual reflection – outside the classroom. These action and engagement trips also allow for small‐group discussions of our Pre‐Read selections every year. The Pre‐Read sets the agenda for the broad‐ranging issues our Student Community President calls to the community’s attention.

Besides mentioned above all students who enrolled at national University and entered our campus this year will be able to take part in:

Fall sport first‐year athletes will be fully integrated into this unified orientation experience. As they engage in pre‐season training, student athletes will also participate in workshops and discussions that will mirror, as closely as possible, those happening across the Outdoor and Community Action programs, reflecting the same cross‐class and cross‐residential college and university conversations in which all students will participate.

This new approach to orientation will strengthen our ability to speak to first‐year students as a unified class group; streamline how we provide services and information; and provide important small‐group experiences to every first‐year student, while offering the choice of travel and engagement that best suits their interests and needs.

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