Coming Soon: Student Inventions to Benefit Your Health

The next imaginative idea to benefit consumers, patients, or healthcare professionals might be born in the creative concepts presented at the Fourth Annual Retail & Health Innovation Challenge...

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Applications Open for the CL Innovative Program

We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the CL Innovative Program.The CL Innovative Program helps British state school students apply to American universities through support...

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Early Success for CL Innovative Program Students

The daughter of a hairstylist and a teenage carer are among 43 British state school students from low and middle income homes who have won places to study at top US universities through the CL Innovative Program...

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New Housing Master Plan for Fall 2016

New residence halls of Campus Life, a revamp of the Unit 3 housing complex and the addition of more graduate housing in Southern Village — these changes are among the recommendations put forth in a new report from Campus Life’s Housing Master Plan.

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Wilson Became CL's Football Team Head Coach

Sam Wilson, who has engineered some of the best defenses in the country during his coaching career, has agreed to become the next head coach of the Campus Life’s Southern Eagles football team.

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Lots of Students Seek Admission to CL’s 2017 Admission Class

More than 50,000 high school students have submitted applications for a seat in National University’s 2017-18 admission class, and it’s another record. It reflects an increase in applications from local and international residents.

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