Clubs and Organisations

We have hundreds of clubs for you to join based on varying interests and passions.

Academic Support Center (ASC)

Studying is hard - we are here to help! Our services focus on assisting students to achieve their academic and personal success. You can visit our Academic Support Center page for more information.

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Active Minds

Active Minds is a student run organization and support group whose goal is to promote mental health awareness and end the stigma associated with illnesses and disorders of the mind.

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Aero Design

The CL Aero Design club works on designing and building from scratch RC-model airplanes.This club offers lots of opportunities to all our students who want to try themselves in design of aerocrafts.

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Aikido Club

The Aikido Club is a club that encourages the practice, discussion, and appreciation of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. You can learn the basics as well as advanced defense techniques of this ancient martial art.

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Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional, co-ed fraternity that initiates men and women interested in or associated with the field of Chemistry.Taking part in this club is a perfect chance to improve your knowledge on Chemistry.

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CL Art Club

Art Club is an active community environment where those who have a vested interest in art, regardless of academic major, can live together with like - minded individuals.

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