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I am delighted to work with a wide array of professionals. Educators and school administrators, college disability services offices, businessmen, therapists, health care providers, sportsmen, coaches, employee assistance program managers, advocates, writers, designers, and representatives of other professions have already received my consultations regarding their professional work and how it may affect other spheres of their lives.

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Being a highly acclaimed life motivational speaker for over a decade, Jordan has more than 12 books already under his belt and he’s working on 2 more as of now!

1-on-1 Coaching

This type of motivational coaching is by far the most effective one! Still, due to a lot of bookings, there's currently a waiting list in order to get to the meeting


Yearly Jordan goes out to an average of 100 speaking events! That's an average of 1 every 3 days, each accommodating more than 5000 people! Thousands of people cannot be wrong!

Podcasts & Audio Books

All of Jordan’s speaking events, just as well as his audio books and exclusive podcast series are available here, up for a purchase to make your life better!

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Amazing Client Stories



When I've lost my well-paid full-time job immediately after the Great Recession broke out, I've been at a loss to cope with it. I hardly had any strength to carry on with anything, on top of the fact that without the day job I became a full-time mother and a housewife. But exactly at that tough time in my life I was lucky enough to see one of the adverts about the motivational events by Mr. Turner


Stock Market Clerk

Having a hard time coping with the income cuts that came in after the latest finance crisis, I've lost all my motivation. I felt like if I was but a lone ship, sailing in the stormy weather across the ocean. Thankfully, one of my good friends, Alberta, referred me to attend one of the motivational events, held by Mr. Turner. That was truly a game-changing moment in my life!



I'm one of the many thousands of aspiring artists living in LA, switching in between going through the auditions and working a day job (like waiting at the restaurant). But at some point in my life, when I almost lost self-confidence, Jordan helped me to get back on the right path. I greatly appreciate his assistance and recommend his services to all who have a need in support.