Finding a Job of Your Dreams is Easy!

We've all been there, riding down the job searching, CV sending or a business plan drafting road... But when we're looking for the job of our dreams, we oftentimes confuse our weaknesses for strength and vice versa... In this blog entry, I'm going to show you the difference between the wishful thinking and the optimistic life strategy. It all starts with...


Improving the Chances of Your Marriage: How Not to End up in the "Divorced" Bottom 50 %

As seen on the ABC's TV show "The View", today we're going to discuss your chances of ending up in either of these two halves.... The statistic tells us that each 2nd marriage ends with a divorce. While those numbers are not comforting in any way, the trick here is about the glass. Depending on whether you exhibit a "half-full" or a "half-empty" type of a personality you can somehow approximate what can happen to your marriage. And it's not about the glasses, but it is rather about the life outlook and the overall attitude which eventually forge your life and...