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Welcome to my website! My name is John Heat, and I am a professional videographer and cameraman. When shooting films and video clips, I pay a lot of attention to what I do, and that is why my works are highly recognized. On this website, you can take a look at all my works and even find out the backstage secrets of their making. I have always been keen on shooting videos and making movies. 5 years ago, my first video clip for a song called "Fuss" by a well-known rock group "The Runners" won a prestigious Video Clip Guild Award. Since that time, I have shot several quite successful movies and dozens of video clips and documentaries. Still, I'm continuing to improve myself and I'm already working on a new perspective movie. On this website, you can explore my most popular works as well as the latest videos I produced and shot.

Snow and Hunting

This video is about various obstacles hunters encounter during the winter season. Even the filming process of this video was connected with some difficulties.


Ocean has always been my passion, especially when concerned new ideas and inspiration for filmmaking. I gathered all my ideas about oceans in a single video.


People usually consider waves to be something connected with the sea but in this video clip made for Helen McMillan, you'll see a contrary point of view.

Fishing: Part 1

With this video I start a series of reportages where you'll see how versatile the life of a fishing community is, and how they manage to get satisfaction from their job.


This video I made for the "Love and Hope 2016" social video contest represents my personal attitude to the dearest people in our lives - our family.


"Forest" is a part of my series of videos dedicated to various ecological problems that happen throughout our country. It took the 1st place in SAV 2016 contest.


We don't appreciate what we have, and unfortunately it happens too often. With this thought, I shot my latest video called "Happiness" featuring Mary Johnson.

Secrets of Successful Acting

Acting beginners often ask what they should acquire first to become successful actors and actresses. However, the answer to this question lies deeper than it seems. I often say that you have to practice a lot to become a noticeable figure in the world of the cinema. This practice includes not just taking part in filming but also in masterclasses that are conducted by renowned geniuses of acting very often these days. Here are some resources you may require in becoming a good actor or actress.

Shooting an Ambient Music Video

With rising popularity of Chill-Out, Ambient, and Deep House music, the demand for videos of appropriate style has recently increased as well. Many modern videographers are experimenting with the old and widely known methods of filming that can really help in creating a good ambient music video. In this article, I will uncover some of these methods and techniques.

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