Trading Courses

We offer many different Trading Courses in a variety of formats. Our most popular courses are our Stock Market DVD Specialty Courses designed by our tutors and instructors. We also offer Stock Trading Online Courses, Lab Courses, and Virtual Courses.

The Methodology Essentials Courses:

The Methodology Essentials Standard Course
It is our most popular course for novice to experienced traders.
The Methodology Essentials Premier Course
This course is for traders with more than five years of experience.

The Methodology Specialty Courses:

For Part-Time Stock or Options Stock Traders
Position Trading is the most popular course for busy people who do not have time to trade every day. This specialty course offers an alternative to swing or day trading.
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For Swing, Velocity, and Intraday Swing Traders
The Swing Specialty Edition is designed for traders who want to specialize in swing trading as a career. Swing Trading is the most versatile and useful trading style during various market conditions.
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about our courses

All our services are delivered through a supportive online environment.
This means wherever you are in the world, you can access the services you have subscribed to online, making it easier and convenient for you to achieve your financial goals.
Our all-inclusive share trading courses, delivered throughout the country, teach you proven techniques to support you in becoming a successful and profitable trader, irrespective of:


Market Correction Sell Short Specialty Edition
This course is for position traders, swing traders and day traders. Take your trading to the next level by fully understanding both sides of the market. By taking this course, investors learn what they can do to avoid losing their life's investments.
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Option Trading Specialty Edition
The Options Trading Specialty Course provides a unique approach to trading calls and puts that is not taught elsewhere. Our options approach is far easier to learn & it adapts to a variety of option trading styles.
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