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Welcome to my website! My name is Kevin Smith and I am a professional writer with more than 8 years of experience in writing for business, magazines, blogs, and fictional literature collections.
As a former US colonel who pursued the career of journalist and HR specialist I prefer writing about business, management, lives of real people and create innovative plots based on true stories.

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What's New

2 days ago
Contest Results

American Literary Committee has announced winners of their annual Writing Contest.

2 days ago
Editing Dialogues

Dialogue is a perfect storytelling tool.

2 days ago
Q&A Conference

I'm organizing a web conference, where I will answer all your questions.

2 days ago
New Book Announced

I'm glad to present my new book to you that will be available this autumn.

2 days ago
New Featured Article

This time my new article in "Travel" magazine is devoted to my latest journey to Canada.

2 days ago
The Benefits of Writing

For me writing is something more than a simple job.

2 days ago
Writing a Successful Book

Recent study showed that short stories attract more readers.

2 days ago
Top 10 Events

In this post I'll share with you ten most important events.

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