About our tattoo salon

At TattooSalon, we express our convention by satisfying our customers with the best services. Our goal is to beautify your skin and bring it to perfection by removing the blemishes that are generally visible on the skin. Our tattooing and threading services are absolutely natural and cause no side effects. Our professionals are experienced and have imbibed within themselves the art of tattoo. TattooSalon is serving the area since 2012 providing major beauty services like Eyebrow threading, Full Face Threading, Tattoos, Hairstyle, Bridal, Birthday, Baby Shower, Sweet Sixteen and Prom make-up.

Our Advantages

      Thanks to the modern equipment and strict control over the observance of sanitary standards, you can be confident in the security procedures, held in our salon.
      We firmly believe that knowledge, experience and service combined with a pleasant atmosphere is the guarantee of high-quality services.
      Most of our artist - tattooists are winners of the international tattoo conventions and the rest we have selected from the most talented young artists.
      More than thirty masters in the art of tattooing, piercing and permanent make-up, as well as customer service staff is always at your disposal at our salon.

Special Offers

This kind of piercing, in tongue special bar is vertically put with two nozzles-balls on the ends, located on both sides of the language. These nozzles are made of plastic, which is not traumatic for the mouth. The wound on the tongue heals very quickly, somewhere within three days.
Henna Tattoos
Henna is a miraculous plant that is widely used for many health and beauty purposes. Henna tattoos use the same henna plant that has been treated and transformed into a thick paste, then poured into a cone-shaped container to give you those unique designs to embellish your body.