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Recipe: untraditional curry oyster chowder

Spring, when the days fill with blossoming flowers and gentle breezes, and we move from robust stews to lighter fare! Except here in the Northeast, we`ve been experiencing an unusual cold spell, with a slew of below freezing nights and umbrella-flipping winds. We realize it could be worse; there are fruit farmers who might lose entire crops. But this blustery weather definitely means it`s still soup weather, and what could be better than a traditional oyster chowder?

Staff outing to City fish market

On the 26th of January at the crack of dawn (3:15am to be precise!), Jonathan the oyster man, Nick the manager, Maria the chef and I headed to City Fish Market on an exploratory mission. Take a look at a few...

Recipe: coconut-braised golden pompano

Cook a whole fish? With the bones and everything? That idea may seem intimidating, but it shouldn`t be-cooking a whole fish can be as easy as simply tossing it in the oven. Pats of butter and capers? Lemon slices and cherry tomatoes? You can work with nearly anything already in your pantry!

Recipe: oysters & beer granita

It`s October, which means the air is crisp and the oysters are fattening up nicely for the winter! We`ve moved from summer roses to heartier beers, and what better way to embrace Octoberfest than with some beer granita over oysters? The following granita is a fun way to branch out from the usual oyster toppings of cocktail sauce and mignonette, and it requires ingredients you probably already have around the kitchen. The slight bitterness of beer pairs nicely with the brininess and snap of an East Coast oyster. Treat yourself today!