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Our dishes are always fresh and tasty. We proudly offer the sushi using organic and\or MSG-free food materials. We choose the finest ingredients that are sustainable, and we make all sauces from scratch. Tasty, fresh and always safe. Enjoy the real sushi-go-round.

50 kinds of sushi

120 dishes in menu



Albacore Sunrise Roll 14

Inside: Spicy California
Top: Albacore w/ red radish sauce

Battera Roll 10

Box sushi made with
Mackerel on top (Pressed Mackerel Sushi)

California Roll 5.5

Avocado, Cucumber, Krab California (Snow crab) 8.5
Roll Avocado, Cucumber, Snow Crab

Caterpillar Roll 13

Inside: Eel, Krab, Cucumber Top: Avocado, Eel sauce

Crunchy Salmon Roll 17

Inside: Shrimp tempura,

Crunchy Tempura Roll 13

Inside: Shrimp tempura, Avocado, Krab, Cucumber
Top: Tempura flakes, Eel

Diego Roll 13

Inside: Spicy Tuna, Cilantro, Sesame oil
Top: Serrano peppers

Double Double Tuna Roll 14

Inside: Spicy Tuna, Green
Top: Seared Spicy Tuna,
Eel sauce



It is currently my most favorite Japanese restaurant! Incredibly tasty and delicious food! There are no analogues to your institution. I love to come here with the whole family. Thank you for the quality and rich assortment!

Mr. John Anderson


Long ago I got a chance to get my education in Japan. I was studying in Tokyo. While living there, I just deeply fell in love with Japanese cuisine. After coming back home I spent years on searching the right place to eat something truly Japanese.

Mrs. April Nelson


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