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Pre-K Academy
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Enrichment Programs
Private Kindergarten
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Supporting the Whole Child

Your child will embark on a journey of learning and exploration in our early academic programs. Our curriculum is purposefully constructed by using age-appropriate lessons to provide your child with a variety of academic experiences structured to promote problem-solving abilities, persistence and a passion for lifelong learning.

Fostering Friendships

Fostering Friendships provides children with experiences designed to support developing relationships with peers while promoting independence, confidence and the desire to discover.

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Emerging Emotions

Emerging Emotions lays the foundation for children to learn how to understand their own feelings through positive social interactions with their teachers and peers.

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Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Beginnings provides programs, activities and games designed to help support muscle development, coordination and manipulative skills.

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General Questions

In every daycare program we offer, children get one hour of daytime sleep. It allows your children to have a rest from various activities and recover their powers for further wakefulness. During this time, our teachers go around reading a story to children while soothing music is playing.
Our programs differ from other childcare centers and schools in their affordability. It means you can find a proper program for your child even if you don’t have enough resources to pay for the full cost of our programs. If you would like to cut down the expenses on the upbringing of your child, using our credit service is the perfect solution. With it, you can be calm for your kid.
If you decide to enroll at our center or select one of our programs for your child, we will immediately pick the best group for him/her. During your first visit to our center, our managers will invite you on a tour around our premises so that you could see where your child will be learned and cared for. You can also enroll online if you are currently away from your place of residence.
We can provide your child with almost everything necessary. However, there are some things that you should pack him/her with. Unless the program you selected doesn’t include a free meal, the first thing to pack is a daily lunch. A few other things are a sun safe hat, a comfort item, and a bottle of water. Everything else your child can get at our center.

Our Approach to Education

Our approach to learning makes all the difference, and the research shows it! Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners.