Dating Club Frequently
Asked Questions


With your free Dating Club dating profile created, you can view photos and profiles of potential dates. When you’ve found someone you like, you can subscribe to make contact by email and start getting to know them.

Once subscribed, our internal email and instant messenger facilities enable you to communicate with other members and develop your relationships at your own pace within the site.

All our members are supported by our dedicated customer care team who work around the clock to ensure the success of the online dating community. Don’t worry you’re in good hands so relax!

Stay in control

It is our top priority to ensure that you have a safe and successful experience on Dating Club. We strongly recommend that you stay within the site to build up relationships over time, rather than giving out your phone number, personal email or instant messenger address to matches that interest you straight away. Remember that with Dating Club you are fully in control of your search for love and can choose to take dating at your own pace.

Get the most out of singles dating club

When creating your profile, if you want to catch peoples’ eyes and stand out from the crowd, it pays to be specific in your interests and to highlight the qualities you have. Make responding to your email as easy as possible by asking people some questions, it’s important to remember that the person at the other end may be waiting for you to make the first move.

Dating at your own pace

As a subscriber to online dating with Dating Club you will have your own dedicated match email inbox. This means you can chat safely and privately, only giving out personal information if, and when, you’re ready. Our safe system takes the worry out of things!

Want to know more about online dating?

We offer a great environment that gives you control over your online dating experience, allowing you to progress at your own pace in order to establish a healthy relationship. Each year, thousands of people join our online dating community and find love right here on Club, and you can too.

Keep it real

With online dating you get what you give. Honesty and communication have often been viewed as the cornerstones of a happy relationship, so by being honest about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner from the start, you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone who’s right for you. Our research shows that members with photographs receive as many as seven times more responses to their profiles than those without

Making your first date impression last long

That hot man or woman has finally decided to grab drinks with you… and now, you’re wondering the best way to make yourself be noticeable. A new dress, a clean car, chivalry plus a new scent can all cause you to be more memorable, but it’s very easy to impress someone on a less superficial level. If you would like your crush to speak about you the next day and reach out for date number two,

Edit yourself right down to the basics.

There are actually standard first-date conversation topics: job, family, school, past relationships and interests. Throughout these areas, there’s ample chance to ramble, get incredibly detailed or veer off into negativity. Consider the first date as your dating profile, only with conversations.

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