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Soldier Leaves 100% Of SGLI To Poncho

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Mark Johnson from Bravo Company, 2-27th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, keeps watch on security in the early morning keeping warm in his poncho liner during Talisman Sabre, Pacific Pathways 2015 at..

Army To Keep 450,000 Soldiers

Washington, D.C. — The Army is turning to social media to save its active-duty end-strength, sources confirm. The Army and Congress have agreed that for every “like” its personnel plans receive above 420,000, the...

Army Replacing Enlistment Bonuses

WASHINGTON — After barely making their 2015 recruiting goal, The United States Army Recruiting Command is eliminating enlistment bonuses in their 2016 recruiting plan in order to heavily target a nearly unending source...


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Military Contact Pastors

When you or a loved one is stationed stateside, a nearby Military pastor and congregation are ready to serve with Word and Sacraments. Over a hundred Military pastors have been asked to serve area military installations as “Military Contact Pastors.” Please use the online referral form to provide us with accurate...

Military Services

The committee carries out its mission through a ministry-by-mail program, a full-time civilian chaplain in Europe, and a national civilian chaplain and liaison to the military. Chaplain John Anderson serves hundreds of military personnel and civilians in Europe. He and his family live in Spiesheim, Germany and minister to military personnel and civilians scattered throughout Europe.

As Military’s national civilian chaplain and liaison to the military, Pastor Patrick Pool maintains regular contact with many Military troops and their families.

He coordinates training conferences for military contact pastors and orients and mentors new military contact pastors. When military clearance and funding permit, he supervises periodic chaplain trips to the Middle East or other areas of hostility. One hundred twenty-two Military pastors who live near military installations in the continental U.S. and select nations overseas stand ready to serve our military personnel and their families as part-time Military civilian chaplains. We continue to send free copies of Meditations, a printed monthly worship service, and taped audio and/or video worship...

Types of Military Services

There are many ways to serve your country in the Military, many of them not involving combat. In fact, about 85 percent of today’s enlisted military jobs are non-combat. Such positions support the fighting forces, aid in disaster relief, construct infrastructure, provide medical care and legal help and much more. Essentially, any job you can find in a major city, you can find in the U.S. Military.

Military Devotions

Our soldiers serve our nation worldwide. While the military situation in the USA may not always seem serene, in other countries it is even more pessimistic. And that’s why our pastors constantly help our soldiers worldwide supporting their spiritual state and helping them to stay precise and concentrated even in the most complicated situations. We also help needy residents of problem regions worldwide.

We see our salvation in Christ – even in the most complex and dangerous situations, faith and love are the only things that help our soldiers not to break down and give up.

Sam Kromstain

  -   pastor


We see our mission in providing military services as well as spiritual assistance to the members of the US Armed Forces, both of domestic and international location. We carry out a range of program through participating in international military initiatives, helping needy residents of poor regions. Our organization cares not only about soldiers serving in the army on our territory.



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