This newly famous jewelry master Mark Armstrong Peddigrew is also an avid traveller.
Born in the land of most spectacular North America's landscapes - namely city of St John, Newfoundland in Canada - he nurtured a fancy for everything antique all the way back from his childhood. The one he spent in that old-fashioned, europe-esque looking city.

So no wonder, that after few years of globetrotting and studying in such a multicultural city as London, now Mark calls NYC home. The true melting pot of cultures and styles.
And that is a lucky fact for all women across the globe, because exactly that was the city where he began to follow the fashion and started working in jewelry industry.

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Incredible life story...Just as much incredible, as this outstanding jewelry collection!


Oh yeah. No usual man could have designed such creative and exotic set of jewelries - Mark is a special one!

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