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30 Oct 2015


Take part in compiling the best 10 music videos of this year. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!

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30 Oct 2015


After three moths of a forced hiatus, the most famous traveling show of America returns on your TV screens.

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30 Oct 2015


New episode of "The Recruit" show features special guest stars Rachel McAdams and Jay Baruchel.

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This fall will feature some special shows that you'll definitely remember. Starting with a spin-off of "The Recruit" in September that has a new yet twisted storyline, you will become a witness of all hidden deals of Boston Police Department.
Then, in October we have a new drama for you - "Lovers & Haters". Discover how a young and promising pop star makes the way to the top in the cruel world of show business. Jane Bennett, who plays the role of Marta, the main heroine of the series, will definitely stun you with her acting skills.

November will feature an exclusive set of episodes of Traveling TV Show: Exploring Asia which is another spin-off of the well-known TV program.
But even last weeks of August will be special: from the next Monday you can get a chance to win a journey to UAE and personally meet with Mike Jakes and Katheleen O'Neil! To get the latest information about our contest and its rules, watch 33 Channel's Travel TV Show every Friday evening at 7:00 PM.

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30 Oct 2015

Real stories

The latest episode of the most contradictory talk show features Jessica Coleman, a former stripper who is a supermodel now.

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30 Oct 2015

I'm a rock star

"How to" show's anchor, Robert Dale, presents the latest episode of his show where he interviews young rock stars.

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30 Oct 2015

Tips for a weather

Our anchor Brian Alexander uncovers main secrets and tips every citizen should know in order not to be trapped by the weather.

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music show

We have prepared an interesting set of concerts for you in a various range of styles.

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I was not interested in television at all until I saw a piece of your Travel TV Show on the Internet. Now I'm thoroughly captivated!

Mario Zoltan

I hadn't expected that the story in your latest detective show will be so twisted. I think no other TV channel can produce such content.

Tina White

33 Channel has made a quantum leap in television development of our country. It is hard to imagine the situation on TV without them.

Tim Barkley