Special Offers

Our Pre-Reservation Offer creates special discounted price for anyone, who books with us as early as 45 days prior to a visit! Book early and enjoy our exceptional services at a reduced rate!

This package includes:

  • 20% off our Room Rate
  • Complimentary standard Internet access for up to four devices
  • Luxurious accommodations

The longer you're staying with us, the better it works out for you! Enjoy standard or double bonus discounts (for club rooms and suites) per the length of your stay!

It includes:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Complimentary standard Internet access for up to four devices

Gourmet cuisine
from our Chef

Our Gourmet cuisine features a rave variety of dishes for any kind of meal: from cereals, fruits, grains, berries, dairies and cheeses for breakfast to different meat and fish dishes and steaks, accompanied by incredible lineup of various salads and appetizers, complimented by our Wine Cart and other refreshing hot and cold, alcoholic and N/A drinks! Our seasoned team of chefs and sous chefs is here to add an extra taste to your holiday!

Special Offers for Accommodations

For big families and parents traveling with kids our vast, cozy and homelike family rooms should be a perfect choice!


Our double room includes such essential things for a joyful traveler as a big comfortable twin bed and a separate guest room.


If you're traveling light, then this heavily equipped single room will make you feel at home with Wi-Fi high speed access and LED TV.