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Custom-made books and articles

If you have an amazing idea for a book, but do not have necessary skills to write it, I can help you.

Regardless of the topic you have, I can help you gather the required information and shape it into a readable form.

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Suggesting corrections for your book

As a practicing writer, I also help my younger colleagues who have less experience in writing.

From grammatical corrections for your forthcoming publications to stylistic improvement of your text, I can handle.

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I'm a professional who has concern for your special needs

Services List

  • Ghostwriting

    As any modern writer, I don’t just help writing books, I’m also busy with ghostwriting – a special kind of writing that involves transferring the intellectual property after finishing.

  • Magazine articles

    My professional career started from being a journalist, and that’s why I am very good at writing articles. If you are an editor of a magazine, I’m here to help.

  • Copywriting for websites

    During a certain period of my career I was working as a copywriter for the most respectable business websites. Now I’m glad to offer my services of copywriting.

  • Personal essays

    A good personal essay is supposed to include some personal facts and use a special way of introducing new information to readers, so that it could influence.

  • Press releases

    Writing high quality press releases is also a part of my job. To make a press release successful, it should include some basic elements e.g. introduction.

  • Creative marketing

    When your website needs additional impact to attract viewers (or readers if it’s a blog), reorganizing its text is one of the most appropriate ways to solve such an issue.

Additional Services

Free webinars and tutorials about writing personal essays on the most modern and popular topics

The world around us is constantly changing. It means a writer needs to adapt to events that happen in our society. These events influence our lives as well. That is exactly why my webinars where I talk about shaping all our feelings and experiences into a written form are so popular. Webinars and online streams take place weekly and everyone can participate in them.

Individual lessons: writing basics, introduction to journalism, creative writing and stylistics

As an experienced writer, I provide my clients with a lot of possible ways to express their thoughts and implement their ideas. Writing is not a strict sphere that has some kind of set rules. I’m talking about general rules of creating a highly anticipated work that would be attractive for both critics and readers. My individual lessons include all you need to know to become a confident writer.