Managing your assets to meet YOUR investment goals.


We treat your Office, Retail, Industrial or Medical/Dental Property like the most important business we manage.


Management of your self-storage assets.


Xouas offers valuations. You can provide orders for valuations of houses, business premises, offices, shops and investment objects. The purpose of your valuation can be varied and diverse and we will discuss this at the start of the order.

The valuations we provide are accepted by all banking institutions, are elaborated according to the NVM model and can be validated by iValidate and/or VDI.

For all reports we will carefully measure the objects and the reports will be carefully drafted. Emergency valuations also belong to the possibilities.


The people behind The Xouas Real Estate Services are active in the investment market since decades and are a reliable and discrete address for:

  • an inventory of your existing portfolio
  • Upgrading your portfolio by yield improvements
  • construction and technical advice and management of renovation projects
  • buy or sales advice

For all questions that you may have with us, you are assured of discretion, professionalism and custom made advice, based on what you want.

Short Stay

New York is an international city with a lot of international visitors every year. Visitors for business, study or pleasure. New York offers a complete range of short stay accommodations for those visitors and, moreover, can arrange everything that may be necessary during a short stay. The feeling of being at home, but then in New York!

We have a large number of beautifully finished, completely furnished and equipped apartments, spread over multiple easily accessible locations in New York. The locations and apartments have been carefully selected, come with all imaginable conveniences, and meet the high quality standards of the city.


The Xouas Real Estate Services offer hands-on, Full Service Property Management . We are a relationship-oriented, reliable and professional partner for investors that are active in the real estate market. We offer a total package of services of real estate management and advice, including technical issues, financing and contract management. Even for just one house or apartment we can be of service.

Flexibility and a hands-on approach are our key words, the focus is on a long lasting and resistant relationship with our clients.